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Continuing our four-part series on the church, we ask why God put the church on the earth and how we fit in His history.  We look into the scriptures to find our purpose here on the earth, and also briefly address the competing theological systems of Dispensationalism and Covenant Theology.  We look at the Parable of the Wheat and the Tares and consider some other ways God might have organized the church.  As always, there is great wisdom and truth to be mined from His choices.

We focus on Jesus and Peter as Jesus begins the trial that will end in His crucifixion, and Peter goes from confidently promising to die at Jesus' side to weeping over his denial of the Lord.  Jesus shows by example how to deal with trials, and He gives Peter some advice on preparing for temptation that we should all take to heart.

We investigate the anointings of Jesus, in this and other gospels, and compare the actions of this unnamed woman to those of Judas.

Jesus faces challenges and questions from various groups of religious leaders, all of whom miss the mark in different ways, although some come close.  Our encouragement comes from an unlikely source.

We consider the Pharisees' question to Jesus about divorce, and look into the biblical view of marriage.  We focus on Jesus' apparent statement in verse 5 that the Law allowed for divorce (which Jesus makes clear was outside God's plan from the beginning) because of hardness of heart, raising the question: does God ever give us permission to disobey Him?